We are coming back!

“Everything dies, baby, that’s a fact, but maybe everything that dies someday comes back.”

Or so said Bruce Springsteen. But we say it in a happy way. Listen, we are coming back. Stay tuned.

We will be here: www.sneakingpopcorn.com

Look for it!



New Podcast: Sneaking Popcorn!

All good things must come to an end. I looked it up, and Chaucer said that in the 1300s. That’s not that special or amazing of a thing to say, honestly. I mean, that was back when people could say or do just about anything and get rich and famous.

Like, can you believe the cheeseburger wasn’t invented until about 1930? That means, up until then, nobody was smart enough to put cheese on a sandwich. Now, if you want to think of something new, you have to like invent like Google or or a microchip or something hard like that.

Like they say, these days, there’s nothing new under the sun–which actually comes from the Bible, which was written by God way before Chaucer wrote his stuff. Anyway, this brings me to my point:

McReady and me have started a new movie podcast: Sneaking Popcorn.

Here’s the website and the feed:


Gone Fishing–but coming back soon!

Ever just need to get away from it all? Your mother in law is screaming, the furnace is on the fritz, and your boss won’t shut up about your time card.  So you play hooky from work and spend the day at the movies.

Oh no. Hm, well did you ever just get really sick of doing anything for no particular reason and lock yourself in seedy hotel room to watch TV for a few weeks, eating nothing but delivery food (using the left over napkins as your only sanitary aid), while contemplating the arbitrary and nihilistic nature of life itself?

Really? Come on. You never did that? You don’t say.

Well, I bet at least once you have thrown all your worldly possessions into the river and driven your beaten down van to the mountains where you ditch it, torch it, and climb deep into the woods to live naked like a wild beast, sustaining your self on weeds and berries alone.

Still no. Man, you are more stable than us. But no worries. We are coming back soon–new and improved. So sit tight, if your still out there. SFRP generation 2 should begin  in just a few more weeks!


Espisode 64: This Is The End (2013)

James Franco and Danny McBride are funny dudes. Their pals are funny too, but Franco and McBride make this movie. For the record, when the end of the world comes, the SFRP will be going to heaven because we are good people, who do good deeds, and care about people.

SFRP Review: supernova


Monster of the Sky (update) — Sam Koji Hale Interview

It’s been almost a year since we last talked with director Sam Koji Hale about his awesome project. A lot has happened since then, but he still needs your help! Check out his second Kickstarter campaign here. I mean, this movie is really turning out to be something awesome–just look at the pic below. I think those two puppets are about to make out.

Sky & Squijj greenscreen test L.A.



Espisode 63: Escape From New York (1981)

Escape From New York is the story of an eye-patch wearing guy named Snake (Kurt Russel) and his mission to rescue the President (some bald perv) from being molested and otherwise tortured by the Duke of New York (Issac Hayes) and the Duke’s not-so-nice friends (pervs with knives and cross-bows). This movie is also Part I in the Kurt Russel/John Carpenter trilogy of cult classics, followed by The Thing and Big Trouble in Little China.

Like Mad Max, this is a low budget masterpiece that has left a huge mark on the movies and pop-culture that followed it. This movie also features a Cadillac with chandeliers mounted on the hood–something I’m surprised we don’t see more often.

SFRP Review: supernova

Espisode 62: Edward Scissorhands (1990)

This is a special movie. No happy ending here, either. Truth is, if you’re different, you may never fit in. But that’s probably a good thing. Sometimes people will love you, but usually they’ll hate you and even try to hurt you–but whether or not they realize it, they need you. Be true to yourself, stick up for yourself, and stay different. Remember, the Sci-fi Review Podcast will always be here for you.

SFRP Review: Supernova


Episode 61: Thor: The Dark World (2013) and Equalibrium (2002)

It’s the future again, and despite 100s of years of literature warning about Big Brother, guess what? Big Brother is in control. This time, he’s outlawed human emotion. That’s right, you’re not allowed to feel.

Christian Bale is Big Brother’s right hand assassin. Cold-blooded. No feelings at all. Kill his wife. Kill his partner. He don’t care. He don’t care about nothing. And if you care, HE’LL CUT YOU DOWN.

Then, on a routine crackdown, he happens to hear some Beethoven and he loses it–now he’s Mr. Emotional. Better find a good hiding spot Big-Brother because Christian Bale’s commin’ for your ass. Maybe you shouldn’t have been such a prick.

Oh yeah, and Thor, he’s trying to be hilarious again while fighting 500 ft tall nondescript mythic beasts. Getting old, dude.

SFRP Review for Thor: The Dark World: Blackhole

SFRP Review for Equalibrium: Blackhole


Episode 60: Ghostbusters (1984)

Everyone loves Ghostbusters. And everyone loves the sexy ghostbuster Halloween costume that I break out each year. Actually, the reaction was sort of bad last year. Maybe I will try sexy Beetlejuice next week. It is sort of in the beta phase of development, but it might work.

Dr. Blaire: Supernova

MacReady: Supernova



Episode 59: The Shining (1980); Gravity (2013)

So is it Sci-fi? Yeah. Or maybe no.  I guess it depends on if you believe in ESP and telekinetic powers. Dr. Blaire is a licensed Doctor in some jurisdictions and he swears by the cure-all, therapeutic powers of Triple Action Gold Bond Powder, so who’s to say what is science?

But this much is certain. The Shining is one of the best movies ever and a great choice for Halloween month.

We also take a look at Gravity this week, so it is a double header.

The Shining:

Dr. Blaire: Supernova

MacReady: Supernova


MacReady: Supernova